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  • Director Charlotte Collins with the artist.
  • NDAP LI (Communal Bowl)—Djibril N'Doye Lebou Artist

    (2004) In Wolof, French and English. Co-produced by Mary Martin N'Doye, the artist's wife, and Charlotte Blackmon Collins. The film was selected out of more than 800 submissions for the 2004 Los Angeles Pan African Film Festival (PAAF), shown at the 2004 Atlanta Black Arts Festival and shown again at the 2006 PAFF. Ndap Li was also shown at the Pan African Film and Television Festival (FESPACO) in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Africa, the largest African film festival in the world in February 2005. The film features an interview with self-taught artist Djibril N'Doye, in his native language of Wolof, who grew up in a rural farming village in Senegal;interviews with black and white American collectors of his art; and his appearances at galleries and art shows where his work was featured from 1999 to 2004. (1:28) View a 7-minute clip of Ndap Li below.

  • Producers Dr. Gerda Govine-Ituarte and Charlotte Blackmon Collins
  • Economic Violence—Life Interrupted: Sexual Harassment and the Downward Financial Spiral of the Working Woman

    (2002) This film project was sponsored by the Friends of the Pasadena Commission on the Status of Women and the Pasadena Commission on the Status of Women. The film was co-produced by Dr. Gerda Govine-Ituarte and Charlotte Blackmon Collins and premiered in September 2002. The filmmakers interview a lawyer who represents clients in sexual harassment/discrimination lawsuits and a financial planning professional about the economic impact on the woman who is the victim of sexual harassment whether she seeks remedies through the legal system or does not. Also interviewed are two women who have suffered severe economic loss due to sexual harassment in the work place. (28 min.) View the complete film below.

Past Filmography

"The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action"
(1998, 2003) A passage from Audre Lorde is presented in American Sign Language by Jill Murray with voiceover by Rachel Wilson . Camera and editing by Charlotte Blackmon Collins. (15 min.)
"Perfect Pronunciation of Standard American English"
(1995) For The Personal English Company, sold worldwide on the internet. Written, performed and edited by Charlotte Blackmon Collins, camera by Michael Warner. (2:30)
"Algebra: Solving Word Problems"
(1989) Through a grant from Glendale Community College, a romantic-comedy styled narrative is woven around methods for solving word problems in a community college algebra class. Written by Charlotte Blackmon Collins, produced, directed and edited by Charlotte Blackmon Collins and Peter Stathis. (59 min.)
"Trailblazers: A History of Women in Politics in Pasadena"
(1986) Produced by the Pasadena Area National Women's Political Caucus, as a Centennial gift for the City of Pasadena, a VHS copy of the film was buried in a city time capsule to be opened after 100 years in 2086. The film was shown city-wide and was accepted to the Smithsonian Institution's Women's History Archives. Produced and edited by Charlotte Blackmon Collins, Shirley Juhl Spencer and the Pasadena Area National Women's Political Caucus. (58 min.). View the entire film below.

"The Mad-Dog Wurster Band"
(1983) Corporate strategy consultants of The Boston Consulting Group, Los Angeles office, by day—metal band by night. Named for their mentor, Thomas A. Wurster at BCG, the band includes musician/consultants David Apgar (clarinet), Scott Lockridge (bass), Cora Lombardi (vocals), Nick Mitsakos (drums), Rocky Powell (bass), Ron Sandler (guitar, banjo), Scott Setrakian (vocals, keyboard), and E.Y. Snowden (vocals, keyboard). Produced and directed by Charlotte Blackmon Collins. (30 min.)

Projects in Progress

  • Penelope Critchlow, weaver, musician & philosopher
  • Penelope Critchlow, Weaver/Textile Artist, Musician & Philosopher

    Produced by Charlotte Blackmon Collins



Charlotte Blackmon Collins today.

Charlotte Blackmon Collins

M.A., Critical Studies of Media, California State University, Los Angeles, 2001

B.A., American Studies, CSULA, 1978

A.A., Humanities, Pasadena City College, 1974

Founded WWACfilms [Woman With A Camera] in 2001 to make independent documentary and educational film/video.

Graduate, Beverly Hills Public Access Producers Academy, 1983

Public Access Television Community Producer, Group W Cable TV, Sierra Madre, 1982-1990.

Public Access Manager, Pasadena Public Access studio/station, Channel 56, Pasadena Community Access Corporation, 1990-1991.

Produced & hosted weekly talk shows: "Sierra Madre Live" on PCAC Ch 56; and "Authors, Artists & Issues" and "The Healing Arts," on Group W, Sierra Madre/Arcadia, 1983-1990

President, Public Access Foundation Board (Telarts), Sierra Madre, 1983-1987.

In addition to shows produced, also crewed on more than 100 TV and video productions, 1982-1992; logged more than 3,000 hours analog video editing, 1985-1992.

  • Recent Filmography

  • Mahaprajapati Gotami—Aunt and Step-Mother of Siddhartha

  • Mahaprajapati Title Image
  • (2012) In this 24-minute video presentation, Kate Blickhahn reads "Mahaprajapati Gotami: Aunt & StepMother of Siddhartha," a chapter from her 2011 book, Buddha's Daughters: Spiritual Journeys of Early Women of the Dharma. As Kate reads this chapter from her book, Mahapajapati's story is illustrated by artwork by Chatthakur Kabilsingh, the son of Venerable Dhammananda of Thailand. Kate reads her fictionalized version of the astonishing achievement of Mahaprahapati, the Buddha's stepmother and aunt, the woman who raised him after the death of his mother, Mahamaya. Cultural tradition in early India dictated that women's spiritual achievements came to them through their service to their husbands and children and in their support of male monastics, not in pursuit of their own spiritual liberation. Mahaprahapati believed otherwise, and she endeavored to convince her son that women, like men, should be allowed to pursue a renunciant's life. This is the story of her struggles and of her remarkable success in establishing the first order of Buddhist nuns.

    View the full-length video at this link: MahaprajapatiGotami This video was shown at the 13th Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women in Vaishali, Bihar, India, January 2013, as part of the conference opening cultural program.

  • LACMA's In the Service of the Buddha Tibetan Furniture Exhibition
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art — Tibetan Furniture Exhibition

    (2010) This 3-minute slideshow/video edited by Charlotte Blackmon Collins was part of the "In the Service of the Buddha" exhibit of rare, antique Tibetan furniture at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, March 2010 to April 2011. Aiming to illuminate how Tibetan furniture is used in contemporary contexts, the slideshow includes photographs by Matthew Herschmann, Pamela Logan and Don Farber.

  • Amazon breastplate, ceramic, by Jain Hutzell, Bay Area artist.
  • Interview with Artist Jain Hutzell

    (2009) An interview in 2006 with Bay Area conceptual artist Jain Hutzell as she creates ceramic shields, breast plates, goddess figures and "artifacts" for a one-woman show, "Amazon Warriors: From Myth to Reality," at Viridian Artists Gallery in New York City. The artist imagines that a cache of Amazon warrior fighting gear from the Trojan wars has been unearthed and asks how it would affect our collective psyche. In her imaginary, Hutzell's artifacts are ceramic, glazed in stunning colors with gold and copper flourishes. The film was shown at the opening and during the exhibition in January 2009. Camera and editing by Charlotte Blackmon Collins. (30 min.) View the complete video below.

  • A scene from Rhonda Morgan's film, Flower Girl.

  • The Flower Girl

    (2005) A silent narrative film in sepia, shot in digital video, this is a romantic story in which a college poetry professor falls in love with a rose and is surprised when the rose transforms into a lovely young woman. Produced and directed by Rhonda Morgan; camera and editing by Charlotte Blackmon Collins. Shown in the 2009 La Crescenta Film Festival. (5 min.)

  • Lisa, a counselor for One-on-One Partners waits for the kids by the van.
  • Youth on the Brink of Success--The One-On-One Partners' Story

    (2005) One-On-One Partners (now called One-On-One Mentoring) is a non-profit organization operating in Tucson, Arizona, that matches at-risk children with caring adult mentors. This film tells the story of how founder and executive director Don McNeill and his staff of 5 have literally saved the lives of nearly a thousand kids in the nine years of One-On-One's existence. Produced by Charlotte Blackmon Collins and Don McNeill. Camera & editing by Charlotte Blackmon Collins. (58 min.) Below is a 5-minute PSA edited from the film.

  • A small tibetan table used for ritual purposes.
  • Wooden Wonders: Sacred & Secular Furniture from Tibet

    (2004) In November of 2004, the Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, California, exhibited more than one hundred pieces of Tibetan Furniture, in the first exhibition of its kind. These two videos, about 13-minutes each, were shown during the exhibition and included an overview of the sacred and secular uses of these intriguing and beautiful works of art. Still photography by Bob and Ruth Hayward. Camera by Geshe Tsewang Dorje and Geshe Lobzang Tsetan. Editing by Charlotte Blackmon Collins.

    "Tibetan Domestic Furniture: Its Availability and Contemorary Uses"

    "Tibetan Ritual and Monastic Furniture."

  • 2004 JPL Invention Challenge: The Bowling Ball Drop Contest

    (2004) Each year NASA/Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA, sponsors an invention contest in which middle and high school teams compete to design and engineer a prescribed invention. The 2004 invention challenge was to build a device that could drop a bowling ball onto an egg from a meter-high tower without breaking the egg. This project captures the excitement of successes and failures on the day of the competition. Produced by Charlotte Blackmon Collins and Paul MacNeal of JPL. Camera & editing by Charlotte Blackmon Collins. (30 min.)