Scoring for the Sexual Harassment Predictor Quiz

Total Yes's



Action Advised

25 or more


It is extremely likely that your economic stability will be interrupted by Sexual Harassment

If you are a younger woman, begin immediately to search for another job in a different kind of organization. If you are an older woman, you may want to help women co-workers to organize for a Zero Tolerance policy.



Watch out! Extreme caution is advised. Keep your eyes and ears open. Sexual Harassment is highly likely in your environment.

For all ages of women: begin to consider other job possibilities. Observe your work environment with sensitivity to male/female power relations. Consider how you can open conversations with co-workers and management about Sexual Harassment and its devastating economic impact on women.



Concern is advised. You may have missed something in your work environment.

Begin to observe workplace relationships with new awareness.  Try to address the issue with co-workers and management. Research your employer’s Sexual Harassment polices, procedures and training.



Your employer may have effective Sexual Harassment policies, procedures and training in place, but there is still cause for concern.

Become an observer of practices/behaviors in your work environment that suggest potential hazards for some women. Open conversations with co-workers and management. Try to attend your company’s Sexual Harassment training and evaluate it for yourself.



This organization supports women’s economic stability!

Tell other women about your workplace. Use the criteria of this study to analyze why your workplace is an economically supportive one for women.

The "Sexual Harassment Prediction Quiz" was designed and written by Charlotte B. Collins. Code by Dr. Clyde E. Collins. This quiz is available for use as Open Source and is available in electronic form for free in either document or coded formats. To obtain a copy, email Charlotte Collins at