The Friends Group


The Friends of the Commission on the Status of Women was first established in 1986 to support the Pasadena Commission on the Status of Women in the development and implementation of special projects and programs that might fall beyond the scope or allowable resources of the City. The Friends of the Pasadena Commission on the Status of Women holds 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in the State of California.

The Pasadena Commission on the Status of Women itself was established on May 31, 1977. As an official advisory body, the Commission was charged with making recommendations to the Pasadena City Council on issues affecting women employees of the City as well as women in the community. In the past the Commission has functioned to advocate on behalf of women in matters such as Equal Employment, Sexual Harassment and workplace conditions.

The Friends has traditionally provided a network of support in the way of fund-raising, staffing, and expertise for the special projects and programs of the Commission. Additionally, but of equal importance, the Friends has regularly implemented its own special projects related to women's issues. One such project is the video project that focuses on the economic cost to the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Board of the Friends of the Commission 2009-2010

Dr. Gerda Govine-Ituarte, Chair

Shirley Spencer, Treasurer

Charlotte Collins, Member at Large, Webmaster


During 2004-2005, The Friends Group undertook a process of transitioning into a broader-based organization in order to address issues impacting women globally. Although sexual harassment in the workplace has continued to be a major area of focus, The Friends Group is currently working toward change of policies in local police departments' practice of releasing detained persons between 12 midnight and 3:00 a.m., often without ensurance for safety of the detained person. We refer to this as "Custodial Night Time Release."